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While there are a variety of important events that an individual will have throughout the course of their lifetime, graduating from high school is probably one of the most significant. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that graduating from high school often signifies the transition from adolescence to adulthood. If you are about to graduate, it’s a good idea that you do all that you can to make your event as memorable as possible. Here are three relatively easy ways you can take your high school graduation from good to great:

1. Get Great Graduation Announcements.

Your graduation announcements are a form of paraphernalia that your friends and family members may keep for a lifetime. Since this is the case, you should do all that you can to purchase a package that is aesthetically appealing and functional. These days, there are a variety of online stores from which you can purchase great announcements. Whether you want something sophisticated, custom-made, or silly, you will likely be able to get what you’d like by finding and purchasing your announcements online.

2. Do Not Procrastinate.

One of the primary reasons that students become stressed out and irritated prior to their graduation results from a lack of planning. There are a plethora of things that must be done in order to ensure that your graduation is a success, including ordering your cap and gown, inviting friends and family members to the event, and ensuring that you have paid off any fees that are due your school. Making sure that all of these things are done can help curtail disaster and ensure that your graduation day is pain and problem free.

3. Use Social Media.

In this contemporary era, your graduation can be greatly enhanced through the use of social media. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that you can send pictures to friends and family members who couldn’t make it to the event via channels such as Instagram or Facebook. Additionally, you can send out reminders about the date and time of your after party through mediums like Twitter. In so doing, you’re likely to get more people you love involved in the graduation process.


Although you may think that making your graduation a positive, memorable event will be difficult, this does not have to be the case. By implementing some or all of the strategies outlined above, you can easily take your high school graduation from good to great. Good luck!

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Moving is a stressful event for many people. Protecting their valuables during the move is most people’s first priority. Placing valuable possessions in storage and keeping them out of danger is often the best option. With the most valuables in a Long Island self storage facility, moving day will be a lot less stressful. The risk of damaging priceless objects in the chaos of moving will be greatly decreased if they are locked away in a storage facility. While the items will still need to be moved, they will not have to be moved amidst the rush of moving the essential items of your household. Prior to moving day, store the valuable, unnecessary items in a Long Island self storage facility to keep them safe. Leave only the items that are necessary for day to day living.

Make sure to do the appropriate research on available storage units. There are plenty of options to choose from, including size, climate controlled, and even on site security. Depending on the size of the items that need to be stored, a person can select the storage unit suited to their needs. The smallest unit available at most Long Island self storage facilities is usually about a five by five foot unit. This space will fit the contents of about one small room. The largest unit usually available will be approximately ten feet by twenty five feet. This unit can hold about six rooms worth of possessions. There are several sizes in between these to choose from. The best advice is to actually visit the storage unit before selecting a size. By visiting the facility, a person can get a feel for exactly how big the unit is.

Deciding on whether or not a climate controlled environment is necessary is another important choice. While a climate controlled environment will cost more per month, it is the best option for protecting valuables that extreme heat or cold would damage. This is another important unit to visit to ensure that the unit is properly cooled or heated.

Another thing to keep in mind when looking for a Long Island self storage facility is that most facilities will often offer a super low monthly rent for the first month. By shopping around and not choosing the first storage center they find, most people can save themselves a bit of money.

Also keep in mind that these items are being stored because they are extremely important. Some sites offer onsite security or twenty four hour staff as added protection. While these facilities often cost more, it may be worth it to someone wanting the ease of knowing their valuables are safe.

Self-storage facilities are often overlooked and undervalued. But they offer a wide variety of options and services that can come in extremely useful when moving.


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Those who run a storage facility know that security is very important. Those who are keeping some of their valuable possessions here want to know that they are being kept safe. There are many ways that this can be done, and hiring a good security company for New Jersey storage can make sure that nothing ends up being stolen or vandalized. This can end up paying for itself, as the costs of dealing with vandalism and theft can get expensive. There are many new technological options for security at New Jersey Storage facilities.

There are ways that owners of a New Jersey storage facility could have their facility monitored by video cameras. They can get a company who will watch these video cameras all the time, and make sure that nothing is happening. They can offer some physical security guards to make sure that the storage facility is protected all the time. That can help to ensure that nothing ends up getting stolen from this facility. If items start going missing, customers are not going to trust this storage facility.

These security guards can really help those who want to make sure that they aren’t going to have to worry about crime being done to their facilities. Those who have security cameras running all the time will be able to show this to the police, and that can ensure that the people who have done this get caught. That can also help to deter crime in the future. Having a guard can also help to catch people in the act, and that can make sure that there is a lot less crime overall. Getting a good security company can help these storage facilities to create a security plan that works for them, and leaves them always protected.sp_ny9

If there is a lot of crime at a storage facility, customers are not going to want to leave their items here. It can also be expensive to deal with these complaints, so this security company may end up paying for itself over time. It can help to give those who are running this storage facility peace of mind, so that they can focus more on running their business. Not having to worry about crime is something that can help business owners to relax, and it is allows them to spend more of their time focusing on what they need to do from the business end of things.

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Tips on finding great self-storage

Posted By on Sep 11, 2013

self_storageStorage is a great way to get needed extra space whenever you fall short of space, whether it’s a temporary situation or a more long-term need. No matter how large a home or apartment you live in, there always seems to be a bit more space that you could use. It’s sometimes hard to throw out things, even when you know there will probably not be any use for this particular item in the future. Let’s face it, we all love to keep the items we have bought or were given. It’s hard to actually put something in the garbage can, especially when you know you will never see it again. And, if it has any sentimental value it’s that much harder.

The best way to keep your home at its optimal level of stored possessions is to make some hard decisions. Be realistic in your assessment of what has to stay and what you can throw out. Of course, anything that you know you will need in the future should stay. Your lawn care items like lawnmowers, rakes, sprayers and all other items used seasonally should be grouped together for easy access in the summer. That is provided you even have a lawn and you do the work yourself. Expensive items like wedding dresses and antique possession that are not currently displayed in your home are other things you’ll want to keep. Just remember to store them in an environment that will keep them in pristine condition. You may need a climate controlled environment. That’s the beauty of self storage. You could get a small unit the size of a walk in closet and you’ll be sure they stay in great condition, ready for use when you are.

There are so many variables when finding and using a storage facility that makes it highly customizable to your needs and budget. You may be forced to move from your apartment and are currently living with family or friends as you search for a new place. It would be terrible to have to throw out your life’s possessions just because you no longer live in your home. Just rent enough storage space for your possessions until you move into your new place. There are so many different sizes of Storage Post self-storage units from the size of a walk-in closet to large units that can hold the contents of an entire house. There are climate-controlled units for your special items. You only need a storage unit large enough for what you have, and not a square foot more. It really is a cost-effective way for so many different situations.

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